Aile Episode 7 with English subtitles

Aile Episode 7 with English subtitles

English subtitles for Aile Episode 7Ale (The Family) has unveiled its brand-new teaser for episode 7! Aslan sees Devin and Hülya get into a heated argument over a family dinner, which serves as a prelude to the eventual storm. What happened on April 18th in the episode?

The exciting new episode of Ay Yapm’s Show TV series “Aile” has a second public advertisement. Devin, Aslan, and Hülya argue angrily in the most recent episode. Once more, Tuesday nights will be dominated by the events in Aile, which will keep people glued to the screen. When Hülya makes Devin pay for her bride’s salary, she triggers a new development in the promotion that would bring Aslan and his uncle Bo into confrontation. The focus of conversation in the club is the reconciliation between Ati and Ceylan.

Aile Episode 7 English subtitles

The person who approaches Yamur and says, “Hande,” piques curiosity. Aslan screams, “Devin, you will apologize to my family!” after overhearing Devin disparage the Soykan family to Hülya, raising interest in the future episode. Nejat şler, Canan Ergüder, Ushan Akr, Umutcan Ütebay, Yüsra Geyik, and Mert also feature in the Ahmet Katiksz-directed movie “Aile,” which stars Kvanç Tatltu and Serenay Sarkaya. Hakan Bonomo wrote the initial storyline for the movie. Denizmen is accompanied by Levent Ülgen, Emel Göksu, Nur Sürer, and master actor Ecem Simge Yurdatapan.

In the last episode, Hülya takes action to show her dominance over the family as Devin and Aslan start to live on the property. Aslan and Devin will be alone for the evening. During their shared night in Volta, Devin confronts Aslan with a reality that he hasn’t been able to face up until this moment, and it will upset all the balances.

Aile Episode 7 English subtitles

After the fire, Ibo resumes his battle with Aslan and makes a crucial move. He was most afraid that Aslan would read the note that Yusuf Soykan had left for his son. However, Aslan is not the only one who finds his father’s memories troubling. The same feelings are used by Cihan as she approaches Devin’s door. But Devin is a good guy.

Ati, on the other hand, becomes friends with Ceylan at the party he organizes while continuing to carry out the evil plan he came up with behind Aslan. The person Yamur meets at the same party will help Yamur and Soykans uncover the dark notebooks of the past. At a family dinner, Aslan witnesses a huge disagreement between Devin and Hülya that acts as a prologue to the approaching storm. Devin looks over at a Leo he has never met. Now Devin will have to deal with it.

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