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Al Sancak Episode 18 With English Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 18 With English Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 18 With English Subtitles 18th episode of Al Sancak with English subtitlesAl Sancak’s (The Hunter) new 18th episode trailer has been made available. Ali and Claw Tim, who set up a trap for Boran, are horrified to see Nadia and Süleyman as captives in the last episode. What transpired in the June 8th episode?

The 17th episode of the well-liked television program Al Sancak, which starred Uur Güneş and Gülsim Ali, aired this week. The military action television series, which was created by Bozda Film, had a fantastic final episode. The action-packed scenes from the spectacular production were shown on TRT 1 screens, captivating the audience. What will happen to Nadia and Ali in the forthcoming episode is already a mystery.

Al Sancak Episode 18 English Subtitles

In the series finale of the Al Sancak television show, Nadia defeats Boran and saves Captain Ali’s life. Elizabeth and Boran think Ali has passed away. Nadia joins Boran’s crew right away in addition to stepping in to save Ali in time. Because Elizabeth and Boran think Ali is dead, the headquarters gains the upper hand. The opposition portrays Ali as a martyr! The headquarters gains a vital advantage over the resistance by proclaiming Ali’s martyrdom. They are therefore preparing to deal the fatal blow while taking advantage of the enemy’s indifference!

English subtitles for episode 18 of Al Sancak
Octopus initiates the decisive blow for you! The team is ready to strike the Octopus with the final, most devastating blow as it prepares for the deciding blow. It’s now clear to Tim and Nadia that nothing can be done. Will Ali’s plan, though, be successful? Octopus starts implementing his nuclear bomb plan. The octopus discovers the selling of nuclear weapons during the cold war using microfilm. Elizabeth is in motion while attempting to steal Nadia’s uranium, which will be combined with the nuclear weapon.

Al Sancak Episode 18

Tourist in the Middle East, Nadia! Boran goes after the children. It is now up to Nadia to make the trip to the Middle East. Even if Headquarters is keeping track on everything, is Octopus engaging in another game? Sacit Commander has no intention of falling for the trap! To complete this assignment and provide the key piece of information, Sacit Commander comes up with a fresh plan of action. To find out if Elizabeth is indeed Gülseren, he executes his testing concept. Gülseren will eventually find out who she truly is, Sacit is sure of that! Will Sacit and the crew achieve their objectives, then? Will Tim triumph over the Octopus in his struggle? What will Nadia do with the information she has learned? Let’s investigate.

Working alongside Süleyman, who is filling in for the deceased bomb specialist, puts Nadia in risk. As Boran and she fall into the trap, Elizabeth realizes that Nadia has discovered the solution, ensuring the success of the operation. Over the phone, Elizabeth informs Boran that Nadia is aware of the truth. Boran takes Nadia and Süleyman hostage immediately away. Nadia and Süleyman were captured by Ali and Claw Tim, who set up a trap for Boran but weren’t aware of anything. What will Ali do next?

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