Al Sancak Episode 7 With English Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 7 With English Subtitles


Al Sancak Episode 7 With English Subtitles

7th episode of Al Sancak with English subtitlesAl Sancak (The Hunter) has just published the new trailer for the seventh episode. At the very end of the episode, Ali stands up for Nadia despite Sacit Commander’s distrust in her. What transpired in the March 16th episode?

The ambitious new TRT 1 series Al Sancak caught viewers’ attention with its storyline and action-packed scenes. What occurred in the seventh episode of Al Sancak, then? Ali loses his cool in the climactic episode when Nadia broke into his home. Ali, who is furiously disputing with Nadia, is speechless in the face of what he hears. Nadia tells Ali straight up that she admires and cares for him. After this speech that makes Ali feel guilty, Nadia departs. Bahar is trying.

Al Sancak Episode 7 English Subtitles

But the enduring partnership between S├╝leyman and Bahar moves into a new stage. Mithat learns that Nadia is still alive in the meantime. Berna learns Ali’s dark secrets. While looking around while on her way to Ali’s house, Berna notices that Ali is not around. Will Berna be punished for finding the hidden realm in Ali’s garage? After realizing Ali continues to have doubts about her, Nadia approaches Travor about intercepting the rocket. To eliminate the threat from the missiles, she prepares a single operation.

Sacit Commander has his suspicions about Nadia, but Ali stands up for her. On the other hand, Mithat Sargon is on everyone’s mind, and Nadia wants to face him. Ali defends Nadia with vigor. Ali puts in a lot of effort to help Nadia, who is hurt and just got back from Kosovo. On the other hand, he is interested in learning more from him about Mithat Sargon and Octopus structure. Sacit Commander’s confidence in Nadia is now in jeopardy. Despite everything, Ali defends Nadia, who put her life in danger to help the squad.

Ali has trouble remembering the specifics of the operation that led to Atilla’s demise. The vague figure of the murderer and the memory of Atilla are haunting him. The prosecution’s use of a legal loophole to release Mithat was acknowledged by Sedef, who passionately disagrees with it. The prosecutor is surrounded by the octopus. Thousands of innocent people have become the targets of the octopus! Can the Claw Team thwart this assault?

How did the last episode turn out?

While Claw Team is prepared to sacrifice his life to save thousands of innocent people, Mithat Sargon is searching for new concepts and goals. On the other hand, Ali will discover that Mithat is Atilla’s murderer due to Nadia. The arduous assignment of Claw Team Claw Team, which intervened to halt the ruthless operation of the Octopus, was placed in a challenging circumstance. To save the lives of thousands of innocent people, each member of the squad is, nevertheless, ready to sacrifice their own lives. Mithat Sargon, who will kill anyone he believes poses a threat to his existence, plans to kill Berna by using Amy.

Claw Team is prepared to sacrifice his life for the protection of thousands of innocent people, while Mithat Sargon is searching for new goals and ideas. Ali will discover that Mithat is Atilla’s murderer, though, due to Nadia. The difficult task faced by Claw Team Claw Team, who intervened to halt the Octopus’s savage operation, was placed in a challenging circumstance. However, each member of the squad is prepared to sacrifice their life in order to rescue the lives of countless innocent people. Mithat Sargon plans to kill Berna through Amy since he will not think twice to kill anyone who poses a threat to his life.

Al Sancak Episode 7 Summary

She is not sure if she or Berna will go into trouble for this, though. Another name Sargon is seeking is Sedef. However, he has a whole different plan of action than acting quickly to neutralize Sedef’s threat. What will happen when Mithat and Nadia argue? Nadia took precautions when she went to meet Mithat because she knew she wouldn’t accept his offer by herself. However, Mithat is quite familiar with Nadia. What will happen in the argument between Mithat and Nadia?

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