Al Sancak

Al Sancak Episode 8 With English Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 8 With English Subtitles

8th episode of Al Sancak with English subtitles Al Sancak’s (The Hunter) new 8th episode trailer has been made available. Nadia took measures when she went to meet Mithat at the end of the episode since she knew she wouldn’t accept his offer on her own, but Mithat is very familiar with Nadia. What transpired in the March 23rd episode?

On Thursday, March 23 at 20:00, TRT1 will air the world premiere of Al Sancak, which was written by Selman Klçaslan, Atilla Engin, and Mehmet Ar, directed by Günay Günaydn, and produced by Mehmet Bozda. Fans of Al Sancak have voiced concern for the character Berna Kerimolu, who is portrayed by well-known actress Mine Klç. In the most recent trailer for the weekly program on TRT1, Berna Kerimolu is involved in a catastrophic auto accident.

Al Sancak Episode 8 English Subtitles

Al Sancak’s last episode trailer sparked speculation about Berna’s survival when she unexpectedly found herself in serious trouble. Has Berna passed away? The part that follows will give the solution. In the midst of all of this, Nadia made headlines when she said that “Mithat Salam… He was the one who fired rockets at you and shot Atilla Captain.”

Sacit Commander has his suspicions about Nadia, but Ali stands up for her. On the other hand, Mithat Sargon is on everyone’s mind, and Nadia wants to face him. Ali defends Nadia with vigor. Ali puts in a lot of effort to help Nadia, who is hurt and just got back from Kosovo. On the other hand, he is interested in learning more from him about Mithat Sargon and Octopus structure. Sacit Commander’s confidence in Nadia is now in jeopardy. Despite everything, Ali defends Nadia, who put her life in danger to help the squad. Nadia and Mithat might clash. Playing the cards face up is a brave action made by Nadia, who is exposed and cornered. She invites Mithat to confront her. The focus is all on Mithat Sargon. Everybody shares a single name.

While Claw Team is prepared to sacrifice his life to save thousands of innocent people, Mithat Sargon is searching for new concepts and goals. On the other hand, Ali will discover that Mithat is Atilla’s murderer due to Nadia. The arduous assignment of Claw Team Claw Team, which intervened to halt the ruthless operation of the Octopus, was placed in a challenging circumstance. To save the lives of thousands of innocent people, each member of the squad is, nevertheless, ready to sacrifice their own lives. Mithat Sargon, who will kill anyone he believes poses a threat to his existence, plans to kill Berna by using Amy.

Summary for Al Sancak Episode 8

When Claw Team took action to halt the octopus’ gruesome operation, it was a challenging task. To save the lives of thousands of innocent people, each squad member was, however, ready to sacrifice his own life. Berna was murdered by Mithat Sargon through Amy, who will kill anyone he perceives as a threat to his life, but Berna was saved. Another name Sargon had in mind was Sedef. He came up with a different plan instead of acting promptly to eradicate the psoriasis threat. To gather information, Mithat hid a camera in Sedef’s house.

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