Camdaki Kız

Camdaki Kız Episode 39 with english subtitles

Camdaki Kız Episode 39 with english subtitles

Episode 39 of Camdaki Kz with English Subtitles Watch the full Camdaki Kz (The Girl in the Window) 39-episode trailer! Will Cana be able to cancel the wedding with her last move? What occurs in the episode?Sedat’s life is now not going well. Cana and the business both put him in difficult situations. Feride, on the other hand, has switched her focus this time. While Nalan and Sedat are enjoying their postponed honeymoon, Sedat is concerned about Cana’s call. Kanal D broadcasts new episodes of Camdaki Kz every Thursday evening at 8 p.m.

In the final episode, what happens?Nalan’s ankle was sprained, so they make their way back to Istanbul. Despite the fact that Cana’s call worries Sedat, Nalan and Sedat return to Istanbul under the excuse that Nalan hurt his ankle while they were enjoying their postponed honeymoon.t.

Camdaki Kız Episode 39 english subtitles

Nalan, who abandoned the home when her husband Sedat intended to file for divorce, pays a visit to her mother Feride in the closing scene. “Shame on me for being so blind as to give my daughter to someone in need,” Feride said to Sedat. They shouldn’t call me ‘Feride’ if I don’t make you eat these things one by one!” She threatens him with her remarks.
Sedat regrets his night with Cana as he becomes closer to Nalan. has no intention of abandoning Sedat. Cana’s brazen deed had driven Rafet Korolu mad.
Despite the tension produced by the news coverage of Cana and Alp’s divorce, everyone in the mansion knows the truth except Nalan. A pleasant surprise.

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