Camdaki Kız Episode 6 with english subtitles

Camdaki Kız Episode 6 with english subtitles


Camdaki Kız Episode 6 with english subtitles

Episode 6 of Camdaki Kz with English Subtitles On Thursday night, the final episode of Kanal D’s brand-new, well-liked sitcom Camdaki Kz debuted. The sixth episode will air on Thursday, April 20. In the final episode, what will happen to Sadat? Here are some details.

In the previous episode, Sadat—who had an accident—is in the grips of death. After the incident, Sadat tries to rebuild his life after being caught in his father Rafet’s rage. He first knocks on Cana’s door and tells them to leave as soon as possible. Cana’s remark, however, displeases Sadat.

 Camdaki Kız Episode 6 english subtitles

Although the Koroglu family has yet to resolve the issue brought on by the press photo, both families are stunned by Nalan’s last-minute choice to throw away the engagement ring. Everyone was unaware of the logic for this hasty decision, but Muzo was completely aware of it because he had watched everything on film.

Nalan is unable to tell her mother the truth because she is afraid of Feride’s attitude. Feride, on the other hand, isn’t aware of the bracelet that Sadat bought for Cana, so she tries to talk Nalan out of wearing it.leaving. While Nalan is experiencing intense love anguish, she is attempting to discern between the truth and lies.

Nalan is uncomfortable and conflicted about what he is going through on the other side. Sadat suffers as a result of his fury. He exceeds the posted speed limit while driving tensely, which causes him to crash. Sadat’s entire family is in mourning after hearing about the tragedy. Cana regretfully goes to the hospital. Everyone is looking forward to Sadat’s positive news. Nalan is one of them. Breaking news, however, will shock everyone.

What happen in the end episode?

Nalan threw the ring into the trash and Koroglu Manor returned to the scene of the fire. Rafet eventually runs out of patience and says he would disown Sadat. When Sadat reached his breaking point, he would leave the house. He’ll pay dearly for his anger, though, and perhaps something negative will transpire.

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