Esaret Episode 73 with english subtitles

Esaret Episode 73 with english subtitles

Esaret Episode 73 with english subtitles.Esaret (Captivity) 73rd Episode released on Wednesday, March 22nd. Watch Esaret 73rd episode trailer and here is the summary on March 22nd.¬†“Musa will make Orhun jealous ….!“Kanal 7 will soon launch a brand-new daily series! On March 21, Esaret’s 72nd episode will air on television. Every weekday at 7:00 PM, a program called Orhun and Hira’s Story aired. Orhun wanted to exact revenge on his brother, and Hira was held captive by his conscience.

The series started with exciting sequences. The chimney is now covered in love. It is well known that Aunt Saadet is a deviant. Our couple engages on a pursuit before Saadet separates them. The 73rd episode of Esaret gets a trailer! What will occur in Esaret’s 73rd episode? New episodes of the slavery television show have been released. On Wednesday, March 22, Esaret’s 73rd episode will air on television.

Esaret Episode 73 english subtitles

What occurred in the final Esaret episode, and what will occur in the upcoming Esaret episode? The 73rd episode of Captivity’s summary includes the following information: Here is what will go place in Esaret on March 22nd. Watch the trailer for Esaret’s 73rd episode, one of the most

The Bondage series has begun with the thrilling sequences that we have all been anticipating. Now, a pursuit between our pair within the house began as they were fearful. Hira’s absence allows Orhun’s emotions to surface, yet in today’s episode we see Hira run away from her emotions.

Esaret Episode 73 english

Hira becomes anxious when she overhears Eda and Orhun talking. He begins to fear Orun harbors feelings for him. He begins to run like a child away from Orhun inside the home. trespasser Moses! Old pals of Hira are slowly resurfacing. Moses, now. Will Orhun be envious of the hug between pals who haven’t seen each other in a while?

Kenan rapidly recovered. Mary’s tongue had come loose as well. So, the time given for Kenan to be in the hospital is now up. Meryem is compelled to give an explanation for why she married and left Kenan. Meryem will be understood by Kenan, but he won’t be able to easily forget her. Here are the trailer and episode summary for Esaret’s 73rd episode.

Esaret (Captivity) Episode 73 Trailer 

Kanal 7 will be releasing a new daily series soon! On March 22, the 73rd episode of Esaret will air. Every weekday at 7:00 PM, a narrative of Orhun, who wants to exact revenge on his brother, and Hira, who is held captive by his conscience, was broadcast.

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