Esaret Episode 83 with english subtitles

Esaret Episode 83 with english subtitles

Esaret Episode 83 with english subtitles Esaret (Captivity) 83rd Episode released on Wednesday, April 5th. Watch Esaret 83rd episode trailer and here is the summary on April 5th. “Ali couldn’t stand Afife and escaped …..!”The battle between Afife and Hira begins in the series of Esaret! When Afife raised her voice to Ali, she found Hira in front of her! 

In the Esaret series, the war between Afife and Hira begins! Hira appeared in front of Afife when she raised her voice to Ali! Afife shows little compassion or interest in Ali… Hira is having difficulty communicating with Ali. What do you think the first word out of Ali’s mouth will be? With fresh episodes, the Esaret series continues. Bondage’s 83rd episode will premiere on Wednesday, April 5th. What happened in the previous episode of slavery, and what will happen in the next episode of slavery? Here’s the trailer and synopsis for Esaret’s 83rd episode… What will happen in Esaret on Wednesday, April 5th…

Esaret Episode 83 english subtitles

The 83rd episodes of Esaret, one of Kanal 7’s most popular and watched programs, are now available. What is happening to Afife in this manner? Why is it that she refuses to accept Nihan’s son Ali? Afife says no so often that we worried if Ali wasn’t actually his son. Furthermore, his argument with Hira about this made him even more worried. In actuality, Afife is a really lonely character. She retreated into her own shell, alienating everyone with her frigid demeanor.

Uncle Orhun is shaking Ali’s hand. He proceeded to look into those who had done this to Ali. Let’s see if the clues Orhun discovers lead him to Afife. Who would look after Ali so well if Hira wasn’t in this mansion? He focuses his concentration on Ali and trembles on him. Finally, Afife receives another reprimand from her witch. Afife’s words literally swallowed Hira. However, Hira was wise to stand in front of Afife and raise her voice.

Eda keeps changing her mind regarding photos. We can all relax now, even if these photographs reach Afife. When Hira is kicked out of the house, Eda is most likely planning on entering as a bride on the second day. What the mother and daughter are going through is unclear. Meryem Kenan provided an excellent start to her romance. Meryem is up against a formidable foe. Its power stems from its subtlety. Meryem, like the great olive oil, will remain on top as long as it remains silent.

Esaret (Captivity) Episode 83 Trailer 
Kanal 7 is launching a new daily series! On April 5th, Esaret will premiere its 83rd episode. Every weekday at 7 p.m., the narrative of Orhun, who wants to avenge his brother, and Hira, who is a prisoner of his conscience, aired.

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