Gülcemal Episode 12 with english subtitles

Gülcemal Episode 12 with english subtitles


Gülcemal Episode 12 with english subtitles

Gülcemal Episode 12 with english subtitles The new 12nd episode trailer of Gülcemal series has been released! In the end episode;  While the news of Deva and Gülcemal’s marriage creates a shock wave for everyone, it will open the doors of hell for Gülendam and Mert. So what happen in the episode on July 6th?Gülcemal series, starring Murat Ünalmış and Melisa Sezen, has been watched with interest since the first day it was broadcast.

Since its debut, attention has been shown in the Gülcemal series, starring Melisa Sezen and Murat Ünalma. The series, which premieres a brand-new episode every Thursday, is directed by Merve Olak and Yusuf Pirhasan. On June 29, the much-anticipated new 12th episode of the Gülcemal television series will air.

Gülcemal Episode 12 english subtitles

On Thursday, June 29, a new episode of the Gülcemal series from MF Production will air on FOX TV. The much-anticipated new episode trailer for the series, which has episodes that completely upended the ratings, was revealed. Here is the trailer and episode synopsis for Gülcemal’s 12th episode.

Learning that Mert and Deva were once engaged, Gülcemal reverts to her previous spooky personality in the final episode of the Gülcemal television series. Deva is obstinately waiting for Gülcemal despite being furious that she has moved away from her. No matter what Gülcemal does, Deva still loves her. Everyone is advising Deva to leave, but she is determined to see Gülcemal through. Deva and Mert receive a severe punishment from Gülcemal.

Gülcemal Episode 12 english subtitles

Deva is prepared to give it her all to win Gülcemal’s affection. But despite all of his hardships, Gülcemal cannot put his trust in him. Deva will distance herself from Mustafa once she discovers the truth, Mustafa tells Gülcemal. While Gülcemal searches for information on her that is being kept secret. Deva starts to reestablish contact with Gülcemal, but Zafer’s remarks will catch her off guard. Here is the trailer and episode synopsis for Gülcemal’s 12th episode.

Gülcemal Episode 12 Trailer 

The monster that Gülcemal attempted to conceal emerged after the marriage. Deva desires to destroy the monster she has just encountered. But it’s growing harder and harder to leave this marriage. While the news of Deva and Gülcemal’s marriage shocks everyone, it will let Gülendam and Mert through the gates of hell. With her rudeness, Gülcemal renders the home inhospitable. Mert devises an escape strategy. Zafer, who is unhappy with their union, has virtually sworn he will divorce Gülcemal and take Deva with him. He makes the choice to meet Deva’s birth father, whom he has never met.

Deva and Gülcemal are both extremely shaken by what they learn about Mustafa and Wrestler. On the eve of making important decisions, Deva leaves the house. He is also released by Gülcemal. Gulcemal, though, nearly breaks down when finding out that Gara is Deva’s mother. Gülcemal creates a new life plan because she is aware that nothing will ever be the same as it formerly was.

Gülcemal Episode 12 Summary

Gülcemal, who wishes to have Mert removed from their lives, is a blow from her brother Gülendam. Despite everything, Gülcemal finds herself at Deva’s door because she cannot give up on her. Gülcemal, however, is a man who has lost everything the following morning. You are by yourself. He then does the action that everyone will find shocking. He will go and never come back since he has conceded defeat.

Since Thursday, July 6th at 8 p.m., “Gülcemal,” produced by MF Production, will air on FOX with its 12th episode, directed by veteran Yusuf Pirhasan and written by Eda Tezcan Alşkan.

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