Gülcemal Episode 8 with english subtitles

Gülcemal Episode 8 with english subtitles

Gülcemal Episode 8 with english subtitles The new 8th episode trailer of Gülcemal series has been released! In the end episode; Vefa, who delves into Mert’s past, learns that his ex-fiancee is Deva and falls into a great dilemma. So what happen in the episode on May 25th?Gülcemal, starring young actors Murat Ünalmış and Melis Sezen, appeared before the audience with its 6th episode this week. 

This week, the sixth episode of the television series Gülcemal, which stars the young actors Murat Ünalmş and Melis Sezen, was broadcast to the public. The ambitious production Gülcemal, produced by MF Production, is directed by Yusuf Pirhasan. The series’ amazing plot was developed by Eda Tezcan and Selda Akn. The new episode of the show, which garnered interest on FOX TV screens and received a perfect rating from viewers, piqued interest. What will occur in the eighth installment of the Gülcemal series, then?

Gülcemal Episode 8 english subtitles

Location of Gülcemal filming: Bursa is where the hit TV show Gülcemal is filmed. According to reports, the series’ upcoming episodes, which began with Gülcemal’s return to the city of Bursa, are now being shot.

Gülcemal is given three days to establish Deva’s guilt. Zafer desires his son’s return. The conflict between Gülcemal and Zafer Hanm is intensifying as tensions between Deva and Gülcemal rise. The mother of Zafer Hanm, whose son visited Gülcemal, wants him back.

Gülcemal Episode 8 english subtitles

Unexpected phone call for Gülcemal. Mert worries that Smail may reveal that she is Deva’s ex-fiancee, but Gülcemal gets a call out of the blue. Ismail and Gara are conversing. Ismail finds out about Gara’s horrible scheme. He now understands that in order to save Deva, he must act. There will never be another time like this… Here is the Gülcemal 8th episode trailer and episode synopsis.

Gülcemal enters a deep stillness after losing Armaan and Deva. Everyone believes they will give up and leave the city because of the deafening stillness. Deva, on the other hand, runs away after hiding in the village with her father and brother in her grandfather’s home. He does, however, have some hope that Gülcemal will track him down. It takes a month for Gulcemal to arrive. The friendship between Mert and Gülendam has been stronger over the last few days.

Gülcemal Episode 8 Trailer 

As the world’s most honest person, Gülendam decides to notify her husband that she has lost the child. Though surprising news is waiting for him. When Vefa investigates Mert’s background, he discovers that Deva is his ex-fiance, which puts him in a difficult situation. Gülcemal knocks on the door after Deva calls Gara on the phone. Deva, meanwhile, is unwilling to speak with him. Gülcemal also abducts Deva. Will the apology that has been expected for a month be made? Or will they split up permanently?

The fact that Deva agreed to work with Gülcemal deepens their relationship. Gulcemal offers the weapon to Deva in exchange for her vow to stop acting viciously. Everyone, but notably Vefa, is alarmed by Gulcemal’s beginning to transform. There is a large security flaw present. Zafer’s son perished. Then Armagan left him. He had the municipal tender taken away from him, and the compensation was severe.

Gülcemal Episode 8 Summary

Additionally, everyone in the city is talking behind his back. He loses, but Gülcemal triumphs. He gets everything ready for the brand launch that he and Deva will create together. When Zafer is unable to convince Armaan to forgive himself, he turns his wrath entirely on Gülcemal. It’s time to take Deva away from him right now. He makes the decision to finish the task he started the previous time. But he is unaware that his son is a part of the lethal scheme he throws Deva.

“Gülcemal,” an MF Production production with Yusuf Pirhasan at the helm and Eda Tezcan Alkan penning the script, will debut on FOX on Thursday, May 25th, with its eighth episode at 8 p.m.

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