Guzel gunler

Guzel gunler Episode 4 With English Subtitles

Guzel gunler Episode 4 With English Subtitles

Guzel gunler Episode 4 With English Subtitles Gunner Guzel – Believing she has exhausted all other possibilities, Selma makes the trip from Van to Istanbul to collect her fortune. Leylim, her wealthy brother, and her father’s junk automobile are buried there. Finding the other partner of the inheritance, her former love Mihran, is the only criterion for receiving the wealth. Mihran, who moved to Istanbul after the fire for which Selma was blamed, and who shared her birthday; it was said that they would fall madly in love on their respective birthdays. Selma travels to Istanbul with Mihran.

After the guests recovered from the shock of Selma’s engagement, the ceremony went on as planned. However, Selma broke off the engagement when Kymet grew extremely irate with her. When her tires were taken, Selma, who was spending the night in her car with her sister Leylim, suffered yet another setback. Selling the inherited home was part of Mihran’s plan to get rid of Selma. After finding Selma’s jewelry in her aunt Saliha’s luggage.

Guzel gunler Episode 4 English Subtitles

Füsun tried to convince her mother Kymet, but she was unsuccessful. Everyone was amazed by Füsun’s creative strategies for uncovering Saliha’s secret. When Selma and Mihran made the decision to sell the house, they learned that additional authorization was needed from Uncle Setrak’s sister.

In the interim, Atakan procured a purchaser for the residence. While Selma was receiving assistance from Altan over her stolen tires, she ran into Alya. To sell the house, Selma and Mihran went to Büyükada to meet Mari, the sister of Uncle Setrak. Mari asked for the necklace Setrak had given Selma in return for the house’s sale. Because it was believed that the necklace had been lost, the plan to sell the house was abandoned. Alya was getting ready to meet Mihran and Selma when she found out they had gone to the island together. They had returned from the island feeling quite disappointed.

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