Guzel gunler

Guzel gunler Episode 6 With English Subtitles

Guzel gunler Episode 6 With English Subtitles

Guzel gunler Episode 6 With English Subtitles The audience is in for a humorous episode when Kymet is astonished by the condition of the menemenci shop he left to Füsun and Feyyaz. Binnur Kaya, Ecem Erkek, Leyla Tanlar, Zeynep Amc, Olgun Toker, Burak Dakak, and Yldray ahinler star in “Güzel Günler,” which is directed by Osman Taşç and also features Seray Gözler, Oya loullar, Orkuncan zan, and Duygu Köse. Writing the screenplay was Selin Tunç. The sixth episode of Güzel Günler has a trailer and a synopsis below.

In the final episode, Selma traveled from the Van road back to Istanbul after getting a surprise call from the school. Leylim passed the test and was admitted to the school, and Selma started taking steps to establish a life in Istanbul. The two individuals that backed Selma the most were Altan and Füsun. When Mihran and her family learnt of Selma’s homecoming, they became concerned. Particularly Saliha’s response terrified everyone. The cops showed up at Hakim’s house after Kymet complained to the municipality about Hakim as a result of a miscommunication. Hakim started to look into who had complained about him as Kymet was made to remain silent. The start of a brand-new era in the coffee shop was marked by Atakan’s debt settlement with Alya’s father.

Guzel Gunler Episode 6 English

Etin brought the proprietor of the shop some tuna. Tuna immediately set to work carrying out his plans. The photograph Leylim had found in the mansion puzzled Mihran. To find out who held Setrak’s necklace, Mihran pursued the person who had taken it to be mended. To meet Zehra, who took the necklace to be fixed, Mihran brought Selma along with the information he had learned from the master. Selma and Mihran spotted the picture on the wall and asked Zehra about the guy in the picture standing next to Setrak. When Zehra disclosed that the man in the picture was her uncle, the two were shocked.

Selma and Mihran attempt to avoid each other, but the subject of inheritance brings them together. Kymet gives Füsun control of the store while Atakan gets ready to fire the ships for Altan, Ayşim, and Hakim. Füsun takes advantage of the situation by starting a project that will put Feyyaz in the wrong. The house’s doors are covertly opened to let Selma, her sister, and the family reunion due to Leylim’s illness.

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