Maviye Sürgün

Maviye Sürgün Episode 10 With English Subtitles

Maviye Sürgün Episode 10 With English Subtitles

10th episode of Maviye Sürgün with English subtitles The new Maviye Sürgün episode 10 trailer has been out! In the last episode, Ali pursues Ozan because he believes that Ozan is involved in these events after learning that Ricardo is a part of the drug network. So what happened in the August 10th episode?The Maviye Sürgün ninth episode trailer is anticipated. The summertime television show’s last episode, which is broadcast every Wednesday on Show TV screens, features Seval, a figure from Ozan’s past who upsets his equilibrium. The Maviye Sürgün trailer has already been out, whetting viewers’ appetites for the upcoming episode. Here are some details about the trailer for the tenth episode of Maviye Sürgün.

The research for Maviye Sürgün’s tenth episode has started. After spotting the gold that Ozan brought in support of Murat’s chance of survival, Defne also steps in to help in the previous episode. The Show is a television program that airs every Wednesday.

Maviye Sürgün Episode 10 With English Subtitles

Defne was present when Ozan poisoned Ricordo in an effort to make her understand the seriousness of the predicament she was in. Ali did not release them because he was aware that Defne was in danger. Ricardo’s coma leads to suspicions for Ozan and Defne. Seval, a character from Ozan’s past, severely upsets his balance. After spotting the new gold that Ozan had brought in support of Murat’s chance of survival, Defne also steps in to help. However, nothing will happen as expected. The disappearance of Arda while she was on a school outing has everyone in a state of panic.

How did the last episode turn out?

Seval’s entrance causes Ozan to lose his composure. Will Ali, who is preparing a powerful blow for Ozan, be successful this time? Seval additionally stays at the Aydam Hotel. When the unresponsive Ricardo dies, Ozan and Defne are compelled to appear before the judge. When Ali learns that Ricardo is involved in the drug trade, he goes for Ozan because he thinks Ozan is connected to these issues.

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