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Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 18 With English Subtitles

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 18 With English Subtitles

Episode 18 of Sen Cal Kapimi with English Subtitles Sen al Kapm (You Knock On My Door) has released the 18th episode trailer! What happened in the November 11th episode?

In the current episode of Sen al Kapm (You Knock On My Door), starring Kerem Bursin and Hande Erçel, what happened between Eda and Serkan was a thrilling sequence. In the previous episode, Eda’s attitude triggered a new phase in Serkan and Eda’s relationship: Efe’s play, and things got messy. Is the 18th new episode out yet?

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 18 English Subtitles

The final episode, which detailed the love story of Serkan and Eda, broke ratings records on Fox TV screens. Fans of the show who look forward to Wednesdays are eager to see what happens in episode 18. For those who missed the newest episode, can’t get enough of it, and want to watch it online, the 18th episode can be found in our article with one-piece full and Fox TV watch alternatives. Sen al Kapm (You Knock On My Door) 18th episode trailer and episode summary are available below.

English subtitles for Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 18
The 18th episode of the Wednesday evening serial Sen al Kapm (You Knock On My Door) has broadcast, keeping viewers captivated to the screen. For those who want to watch the series on the web, catch up on missed episodes and details, and can’t get enough of it, the 18th episode is available on and the Fox YouTube platform, as well as a full HD alternative from the YouTube channel.What happened in the previous episode?

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 18

Sen al Kapm (You Knock On My Door), which aired on Fox TV this week, will air its 17th episode on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, at 21.00.

Efe tries to gain Serkan’s trust by bringing in one of Turkey’s most influential families as a customer. Serkan is the object of her covert plans. Before entrusting their huge projects to the company, the family wants to get to know them by renovating their home. Eda and Serkan renovate the house, and the owners make friends with Emre and Asl. When he discloses a dark secret with Eda, things spiral out of control. Serkan and Eda embark on an enjoyable adventure that will result in countless misunderstandings.

Trailer for Sen al Kapm Episode 18

Serkan, on the other hand, believes Eda is pregnant. But Eda is driven nuts by her silence on the subject. On the one hand, she adores Eda, but the fact that she can’t be near her devastates Serkan. Regardless of her wrath, Eda can’t help but feel terrible for Serkan. Eda’s attitude in Efe’s game will alter the trajectory of Serkan and Eda’s relationship.

Sen al Kapm Episode 18 Synopsis
Serkan is thought to be the cause of the attic collapse. Serkan is in a difficult situation for the first time in his life. While everyone assumes that this is the product of a drawing error, just one person feels that Serkan would never be that careless: Eda, of course!

While Serkan attempts to restore the damage caused by the collapse, Eda is curious about the flaw in the designs. Serkan’s arrival in a new home upsets Aydan much, but Eda has a brilliant plan for Aydan. Meanwhile, Ayfer learns that the individual who visited the florist did so not on Efe’s recommendation, but rather on Serkan’s.

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