Sen Cal Kapimi

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 30 With English Subtitles

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 30 With English Subtitles

Episode 30 of Sen Cal Kapimi with English Subtitles Sen al Kapm (You Knock on My Door) has released a new 30th episode trailer! In the last episode Eda is disappointment!. What happened in the February 6th episode?

Eda maintains her gaze locked on the road in the new trailer for Sen al Kapm (You Knock on My Door), waiting for Serkan. She’s shattering the illusion if it was a dream. Serkan emerges out of nowhere one night in Eda’s dream, and she embraces him with tears. Eda is in a lot of pain since she knows it’s all a dream. So, what else is going to happen in the next episode?

English subtitles for Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 30

In the previous episode, Aydan and Ayfer, together with the wedding planner, start making things difficult for both of them in order to help them. Disparities between families, on the one hand, and preparations stuck in a limited period of time, on the other, create.

When the boys decide to go on a bachelor party, the females get annoyed and decide to surprise them. Meanwhile, several surprises await Eda and Serkan on their wedding day, as they enjoy themselves in the company, oblivious to the difficulties that ignored and unsettled business problems will produce.

The series came to an end with the 29th episode, which aired on FOX TV. On Saturday evenings, new episodes of the series are released. The latest episode trailer for the series, which stars Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin, Bige nal, Neslihan Yeldan, and Anil lter, looks fascinating. Sen al Kapm (You Knock At My Door) 30th Episode Trailer and Summary….

What happened in the previous episode?

Serkan’s jet goes missing while on a business trip to Italy. Eda collapses in her bridal gown, distraught. Everyone in attendance at the wedding is both amazed and afraid. The plane was confirmed to have crashed, but Serkan has yet to be found.

Eda’s difficult days begin immediately following the accident, as she awaits positive news from Serkan. Serkan’s death has left deep wounds in everyone’s lives. Aydan, Eda’s buddy, is equally shocked and distressed by his disappearance. They hope to keep their personal lives separate while continuing their job at Artlife Architecture by supporting one another.Serkan eventually reappears. Someone he’s seen before. He’s in good condition, but his life has altered dramatically over the years.

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