Sen Cal Kapimi

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 8 With English Subtitles

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 8 With English Subtitles

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 8 With English Subtitles¬†Sen al Kapm (You Knock on My Door) has released a new 8th episode trailer: Serkan opened his door for the first time for Eda in the previous episode, and revealed a very unique secret… In the upcoming episode, what will happen on Serkan’s birthday?

The final trailer for the seventh episode has arrived. Serkan’s comments for Eda piqued our interest in the Serkan’s birthday, Eda’s surprise emblazoned in the trailer for the next episode. So, how will Eda and Serkan’s relationship develop in the upcoming episode? Is Eda genuinely in love? All of these issues will be answered in Section 7 of the series, which will premiere on Wednesday, August 26th.

Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 8  English Subtitles

Sen al Kapm (You Knock on My Door), which premieres on Fox TV on Wednesday, September 2nd, will bring their lovers face to face with their 8th new episode. Eda was perplexed by Serkan’s birthday celebration and spending the day with Selin in the teaser published before the new episode of the series. Here’s the trailer for the upcoming 8th episode, as well as a synopsis of what will happen in this week’s show.

Serkan first opened his doors to Eda, sharing a very personal secret with her… Ayfer notices Eda’s bright eyes the instant she arrives home, enchanted by the moment they share. Is Eda genuinely in love? Eda is terrified of falling under Serkan’s influence… But it’s impossible to avoid Serkan. Serkan’s birthday was the following day…

But, of course, Serkan Bolat despises his birthday. And word has it that he’ll be celebrating his birthday with Selin. That is what will occur this year. And he has to make flowers for Selin in the name of Serkan and Eda, as well as write the note himself. Selin is also becoming perplexed. So, what effect will this have on Serkan and Eda?

What Happened in the Previous Episode?

Serkan accused Eda of stealing the design, and Eda responded, “You’ll never see my face again.” Let’s watch how he adjusts to Eda’s inability. Eda is overjoyed to have proven Serkan’s innocence. Serkan’s pride prevents him from saying “come back” to Eda.

Ferit resents Selin, who is glad to put a stop to Serkan and Eda’s breakup news. Ferit’s alarms are also going off. Meanwhile, it appears that Serkan can only fix an urgent problem with the design patent if Eda is there.

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